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Bus Story: Folded Peace

March 19, 2010

It’s a sparkling spring evening as a full, but not crowded, 54 bobs and weaves it’s way through town.  My fellow riders are occupied with their usual distractions of reading, poking around on their PDA-of- choice, listening to music, or staring at out the window.  One guy is not doing any of those things.  He’s Buddy Holly Dude from a story back in November.   I have to look twice more before I am sure of what he is doing.  He’s folding origami.  Really!  I can’t tell what it’s going to be, but it’s quite small and very chartreuse.  He turns it this way and that, concentrating intently on this wee bit of folded paper.   He works on it for a while, and then, calmly, returns it – work-in-progress – to his pocket.   I close my eyes and imagine him finishing at home, after dinner, half-listening to Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel, and he adds it to a host of others, all in bright, spring colors, piled neatly in a partially gift wrapped box.  Someone, in my imagination-world, is going to receive a present filled with these moments of zen-like peace.   Good on you again, Buddy Holly Dude, for the small gift that you added to my day.


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