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Bus Story: There is a Limit

March 16, 2010

It’s been an absolutely gorgeous day in the city with temperatures in the 60’s and sparkly blue sky and some puffy white clouds.  It’s a Monday as well, so there is an overlay of tired crankiness added to the spirit-lifting effect of such a day.  Into this mixture, heightened by the close quarters of the ole 54, comes a mother and her little girl.   They embody the dichotomy of the day: the mother is worn-looking and takes the first available seat, near the front of the bus.  Her daughter, probably around three years old or so, takes a seat next to Mom, but is so energized, she can’t stay in That Boring Seat and scampers up the aisle the middle portion of the articulated bus.  These are Not Boring Seats because they move as the bus turns corners and such.  She plunks herself in the Not Boring Seat and hollers…full volume.  In a major-outside-across-the-park voice that Mom should come to these seats and Not Be So Boring.  Mom, fully Monday-ed, stays where she is, and, unfortunately, doesn’t respond.  At all.  “MOMMMMY!!!!!”  Nothing.  “MOMMMMMYYYYYY!” The mood on the bus shifts from a combination of wearing our sunny-day energy shorts to pulling on our cranky-pants, with suspenders.   The small child, not getting a response from Mom, turns to the nearest adult.  That would be me.  She tries on her Very Best Aren’t I Cute smile and tilts her head.   I’m not buying it, kiddo.  Howling at the top of your lungs on a Monday beats  sunshine and scampering in my book.  I have my limits after all.


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