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Bus Story: Attachment Disorder

March 12, 2010

Joining us this morning on the ole 54 is a big fella with mohawk/mullet…is that mollet or a mulhawk? Anyway, he’s got hoops dangling from many piercings on his head; nose, ears, eyebrows, lip. Adding to the image is his backpack, which looks like it’s been through more than a few battles at a renaissance faire. It is adorned with every size and type of carabiner. They are attached to a travel mug, a flashlight, more carabiners, and keys. I can’t help but think that he’s rather partial to the shape and function of these chain-like links. Everything he has, including his head, can be linked to something else. So what link is he missing so terribly that he has covered himself in these? Or maybe he just likes the clicking sound they make.


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One Comment
  1. Next step: Caribiner through the ear. Or, since he’s giving off a Ren faire vibe, a turkey drumstick instead?

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