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Bus Story: A Special Breed of Geek

March 6, 2010

He’s to my right. The bus is pretty empty so we all have seats to ourselves. The space next to him is piled with tomes. I don’t know how he got them on the bus, but they are big, well-loved and intense looking. He is reading some massive essay-looking document, and often picks a book, easily finds a page and refers to
something and, most interestingly, makes a notation. My senses are a-quiver. Is there really a Reference Geek riding the ole 54?! This species is often among us (or writing a bus story), but to see one that practices the art in such a classic form outside of a library or classroom is such a treat. I would say something but I don’t want to startle him or, heaven forfend, disrupt his work. Stay the course, seeker of facts, and know your brothers and sisters will watch out for you.


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One Comment
  1. Sid: The doctor told me to drink carrot juice after a hot bath.
    Sam: Did it help?
    Sid: I don’t know. I can never finish drinking the the hot bath.*

    * “101 Hopelessly Hilarious Jokes,” Lisa Eisenberg and Katy Hall; Don Orehek (illus.); 1990, Scholastic Inc., New York, NY. p. 34.

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