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Bus Story: Gregor Samsa’s Long Lost Cousin

March 4, 2010

I caught an earlier bus, the 54 Express this evening. It’s kinda empty, lots of empty seats. So I’m not paying much attention to the riders as they climb aboard before we leave downtown. So I missed one and caught sight of him in my peripheral vision first. And had to hold back a gasp and a giggle. He’s a Major Bike Rider Guy, kitted out in form fitting Lycra from head to toe. Except the helmet, of course. The outfit is all shades of green and black and the helmet is very contoured. He’s tall and lean, wearing big, dark sunglasses. At first glance, I was sure a giant katydid had joined us on the 54 Express. The red tape of society finally got to someone, and they became a big green bug. Well, at least he’s shiny.


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