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Bus Story: Broken

March 2, 2010

A crushingly crowded 54 tonight. During one stop where many change seats, and a whole host of comings and goings happens, I catch sight of a small, frail woman boarding. I’m farther back, standing with several people obstructing my view, but I get a pretty good picture of this ghost-like rider. She’s been on a difficult road, and it shows. She could be young or old, but whatever time is there, has not been kind. She has tried with her makeup, but the effect still comes across as almost clown-like. She has a nice blazer on, but it covers clothes that have been through the wars. Then I see her shoes. They are clog-like, but with very high heels. At least one is. The other’s heel is broken and dangles. And she walks as if it’s fine, but just doesn’t put that heel down all the way. A kind soul gives her a seat, and she settles with a slight nod of thanks. She carries herself with far more dignity than I could given her appearance. My heart is breaking along with her heel. I hope your road home is gentler, little mother.


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