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Bus Story: Where are Moose and Squirrel?

February 20, 2010

Sitting quietly, absorbed in some little bit of music, I was not paying attention to the pair sitting to my left. A lull in the tune let a sharp tone from her make it to my ears, as she reprimanded her fella to stop doing something or other. Thick Slavic accent. I look up. She’s in a tight, black short shirtdress, with big ole boots. Long dark hair and dangerous looking nails. He’s bald and slightly hunched over. And very subservient to her. It seems that Natasha Fatale had finally dumped Boris Badenov and taken up with Dracula’s Renfield. Lock your doors and call Dudley Do Right and the nearest Van Helsing!


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  1. This took me on a trip through the Way Back Machine. Nice.

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