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Bus Story: “You Keep Using That Word. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.”

February 4, 2010

Young woman on a cell phone talking loudly. Ok, to be fair, she’s really shrieking. She’s wearing jeans two sizes too small with one of those really frilly “baby doll” blouses. I don’t even like those on Project Runway, much less on a screaming 100 pound harpy in a 60 pound sack. She’s going on and on about some slight or misdeed perpetrated against her at work. She keeps telling her soon-to-be-deaf listener that she is just “not letting it get to her,” and that she’s going to “bite her tongue!” Um. Really? I don’t think she gets what that phrase means. I wish she did. The bloody mess would be easier to deal with than the collateral damage her yowling is causing.


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  1. Always nice to share your commute Richard

  2. Paulie B permalink

    Hi Richard, thanks for providing us these observations; I love them and have your blog as a top spot on my toolbar. A great frequent read with my coffee.



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