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Bus Story: Something about the Coat

January 28, 2010

Morning ride in to work, dark outside with a slight late January nip in the air. Many of the usual riders are in place but there is a new face this morning. He’s probably in his mid 30’s, with very tidy, short dark hair and, notably, a pronounced widow’s peak. He has heavy, dark rimmed glasses and is dressed in a dark grey suit, white shirt and conservative tie. Over the suit is black trench, which is that weird mid-length; not quite short, not quite long. He could be from Central Casting, heading to the set where he is playing the Third FBI Guy from the Left, or a live action film based on Half-Life. Or he’s a real g-man riding the ole 54 looking for Helmet Hair Secret Agent Woman with the gelignite in her shoulder-pads. Keeping my distance just in case things escalate in the transit version of Spy vs Spy.


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