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Bus Story: The Needs of the One

January 15, 2010

The ability to deflect different forms of Undesirable Bus Behavior is being pushed to limits. Sitting together in a roiling mass of “like” and “ewww” are a foursome of teen girls. They have iPod headphones stretched across the aisle and are playing songs for each other. And the squealing could easily be a WMD. Shields are holding but strained. Then directly in front of me is a a couple feeding each other rice crackers and staring vacantly into each others eyes. At first, I think the vacancy is due to the non-food they are eating, and the brain-sapping from the teen squealing. And then, they whisper to each other. And I know they were vacant long before the ole 54. Shields are buckling, Captain, I dinna think they will hold much longer.


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