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Bus Story: Share a Laugh

January 13, 2010

A very rainy night. The wind makes umbrellas pointless and people huddle under cover and then dart out to catch their bus. Among the huddle is a woman with an iPhone or somesuch device. Nothing remarkable. The ole 54 makes it’s appearance and we dash. So now, on the bus the remarkable shows its wet and windblown self known. She is listening to some sort of podcast or other and is frequently laughing. Out loud. Not so loud that you chalk it up to “she can’t help it ’cause it’s so hi-larious”. Nope. This is just loud enough to be disconcerting to her fellow riders. She sniggers, and folks jump, look, and then feel conspicuous. I think she knows just what she’s doing and this is the closest to human interaction she can muster. I want to just say, “I know what you are doing and you need to stop it. Put the speaker on that thing and let us laugh with you.”  We all need more chances to laugh together.


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